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Visual stories of a force of nature.

The W16 Mistral is the last Bugatti built with the legendary W16 engine—the beating heart of every Bugatti since 2005. Inspired by the powerful mistral winds that blow along the Côte d'Azur, this roadster is the perfect symbiosis of Bugatti's elegant design and high-performance engineering.

In close collaboration we have supported Bugatti's Content Creation Lead, Marie-Louise Rustenbach, to craft a launch story that distilled the essence of the car into a range of atmospheric photo and video assets. Poetic stories of design perfection, elegance at extremes, and forces of nature were created both in studio and outdoor productions ranging from the sultry seascapes of the Côte d'Azur to the windswept desert landscapes of the Middle East.


We told visual stories across ten international photo and video productions that accompanied launch events in the key markets — from a studio shoot in Munich, to a visual celebration of the Mistral wind in the South of France and productions in Malibu, Molsheim, Chantilly, Toulon, Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore and Tokyo.

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    Visual Storytelling: Christiane Patić
    Copywriting: Influence Associates